For over 400 years, Black Americans have endured systemic racism and horrific violence that have yet to be rectified in the form of true societal equity. On the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, when a violent white mob burned 35 thriving community blocks known as 'Black Wall Street' to the ground and killed hundreds of Black people, the veteran activists at the #breathewithme Revolution have announced the Black America Refund, which seeks to bring economic justice and direct relief for Black families and communities. 
To raise awareness and encourage donations to the Black America Refund, #breathewithme Revolution has joined forces with the recently formed creative agency Atlantic New York for a short film that outlines the powerful history of Black Wall Street, and subsequent forms of oppression that have led to the fund’s urgent need. The film was produced with archival footage in partnership with Cut & Run, Heavy Duty Music, and Ameba.  

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