Rodrigo is a Brazilian creative director who finds it very intriguing how people can write in the 3rd person on their OWN portfolio and not think 'Is anyone going to believe that someone else wrote this?'
Rodrigo currently lives in New York with his wife and kid thanks to a  long-awaited Greencard.
Have I told you about Rodrigo's awards and milestones? No? Oh, you won't believe it. I'm glad he's not the one writing this; otherwise, it would be too much bragging. If you know Rodrigo, you know he doesn't like to brag.
Check the awards, the places he worked and the list of clients. From there you can imagine all the work, traveling, meetings, late nights, parties, champagne, boat parties, more late nights, pitches and everything else that involves working in Rio, Sao Paulo, London, Lisbon, and New York over the last 18 years.
Do you want to know what Rodrigo is doing now? He's currently leading (amongst others) the Samsung Global account and helping the Mercedes business. Both at R/GA NY.
I feel I should talk more about Rodrigo's personality. The first thing that comes to my mind is how grateful he is to everyone who helped him over the years. All his partners, bosses, colleagues, and clients. Do you want to know what Rodrigo is also grateful for? His hips. Yes, because Rodrigo knows how to dance. Shameless. Sober. Rodrigo dan-ces. And the fact that he's isn't worshipped for his moves doesn't bother him. Nothing will stop him from throwing some random Michael Jackson's move to the security camera on an empty elevator.
I know him. Trust me.
·    R/GA New York: 2017 - 
·     Grey New York: 2014-2017
·     FCB New York: 2011-2014
·     FCB Lisbon: 2010-2011
·     Fischer Portugal: 2010-2011
·     Dentsu Latin America: 2009-2010
·     Wieden+Kennedy London 2008 (Nokia assignments)
·     DM9DDB: 2006-2008 
·     F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi: 2002-2006
·     Propeg Rio 2000-2001

·     Cannes Lions (1 Silver and 2 Bronze - Volvo)
·     Cannes Lions (Bronze - Canon)
·     Cannes Lion (Bronze - The United States to Prevent Gun Violence)
·     Cannes Lion (Bronze - Beiersdorf)
·     Clio Awards (Bronze - Cobblestone Riders)
·     Clio Awards (Bronze - Volvo)
·     London International Awards (Bronze - Cobblestone Riders)
·     One Screen Film Festival x 2 (Writing & I need nothing video)
·     One Show (Bronze - Canon)
·     6 One Show Merit (Terra Portal News, Terra Games, Volvo and Canon)
·     GrandPrix at Lisbon International Advertising Festival (Cobblestone Ridders)
·     Lurzers Archive (Ceata Acupuncture)
·     D&AD Art Direction for Advertising (Ceata Acupuncture)
·     My pieces have been included in the Brazilian Creative Club (CCSP)
·     Grand Prix at the Brazilian Association of Advertising
·     The short film HomoErectus was selected by 12 short film festivals across Brazil

Talk to Rodrigo. He likes talking. A lot.
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