I'm a Creative Director for Samsung Global account. Simply put: I sell foldable phones, fridges that know when you run out of milk and 1000$ washing machines. In my spare time, I also try to help Mercedes-Benz solidify its place on social media. 

Technology and storytelling are two vital elements in my career. No matter what brand I'm working with, I make these two things live together in harmony. It's my way to keep up with the world of today and still tell meaningful stories.

Over the span of my career, I had led the development of global creative campaigns for brands like Canon, Volvo, Nivea, AbInbev, Procter & Gamble, and many others. In the process, I've learned how to work with multi-disciplinary talents across all channels of communication, and how to make a diverse group of people become a team. I've also harnessed my genuine interest in different cultures and human insights.

I started my career in Brazil in 2002, and since there, I bounced between, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, London, Lisbon and, over the last seven years, New York (with a Green Card : )
I'm a true believer that happiness is the way to do great and sustainable work. I'm all about building strong and longlasting relationships; from the brands I work with, to the people who I have the honor to be around. 

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